Music for MONDAYS

Music for Mondays, a play by JAN.

with: indra de bruyn, dorien de clippel, lynn duijvewaardt, margot hallemans, romy louise lauwers, hannah soenens, martha vandermeulen en renée vervaet
directed by: peter seynaeve and ans vroom, light: mark van denesse, decor: peter seynaeve, costumes: ilse vandenbussche, music: jonas nachtergaele

[audio:|titles=Mondays Part 1]

I was bored
I don’t like mondays
this livens up the day
I was looking through my window and
you must know in front of our house there is a school
it was just a lot of fun
it was just like shooting ducks in a pond
I picked the red and the blue jackets
you must know red and blue are my favourite colours
(Brenda Ann Spencer, San Diego, California, 1979)