Poeme electronique ’08

a ‘Poème Èlectronique’ remake (Watch the original on Youtube.)

For Hoelahoep58!, an event which celebrated the 50th anniversary of expo ’58, Ladda started a project with youngsters in ‘Het Meetjesland’, a Flemish region.

Me (for ladda) and Olivier Provost aka opro2000, got inspired by the remaining movie off ‘Poème Èlectronique’, a Gesamtkunstwerk uniting the architecture by Iannis Xenakis and music by Edgard Varèse to Le Corbusier’s colours and images. (Philips pavilion at the World Exhibition in Brussels).

Our goal was to make; a remake off the movie and an installation powered by footage provided on the subject by young people! With our mobile sound and image registration-setup we visited several local events, visited people at home and gathered image and sound.

We presented our remake in a white circle with a rotating beamer in the middle, and quadraphonic sound. (12th October 2008 – Ertvelde.be)